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Art & Design Dispatch: Upton Ups the Design Ante

The booming art and design scene that has come to define L.A. over the last dozen years was one of the main reasons Steve and I made the move here from NYC four and a half years ago. From architecture, to fashion, to furniture craftsmanship and interior design, and fine art, California has truly become a Golden State.

Upton ( is one of SoCal's most unique and approachable design studios that fully embodies the creative spirit of the Southland. Artist, designer and native Californian, Michael Upton, founded his visionary atelier on the belief that everyone should have the means to live with beauty every day. With that ideal as his guide, Upton is producing imaginative and affordable prints on canvas and paper, as well as cool metal sculpture and artful canvas totes that let art and design devotees take their passion with them everywhere they go...

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*All photos courtesy of Upton

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