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Design Spotlight: Remarkable Risom Redux

In 1941, Danish-born furniture designer, Jens Risom (1916-2016), met German-born furniture manufacturer, Hans Knoll (1914-1955), and formed a legendary partnership when they launched the Hans Knoll Furniture Company (known today simply as Knoll Two years later Knoll and Risom introduced the "600" line, an inaugural collection that consisted of 25 pieces, 15 of which were by Risom. Among his creations were armchairs, lounges and stools crafted from cedar and army surplus canvas webbing, one of the few readily available materials during the Second World War. Risom's pieces not only caught on with post-war America's yen for clean, straightforward, affordable furnishings, but continues to define and inspire contemporary design to this day.

Over the last seven + decades, Risom's works have remained a quintessential part of the Knoll collection. With their recent release of the Risom Outdoor Barstool ( Knoll continues it's commitment to the iconic designer's vision to blend great design and innovative materials with the introduction of Sunbrella's flexible, UV/fade resistant, water repellent, bleach-cleanable, stain resistant webbing to Risom's timeless cedar frame, making this masterpiece of midcentury design truly a "stool for all seasons".

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*Photos Courtesy of Knoll

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