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Design Spotlight: The French Are Coming!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

If there has been one bright spot during the global pandemic it is what I like to call "Covid Domesticity". Because we are all spending a LOT more time at home, the spaces we live in and how we conduct our lives there has become monumentally important. From the rise of the sourdough baking craze (pardon the pun), to the popularity of #cottagecore, to the enduring reign of Marie Kondo (, embracing home life is 2020's hottest trend (beside maybe the mask).

In the before times, the opening of a luxe new showroom in LA's design district would have created an audible buzz around town, but in the midst of Covid Domesticity, the daring launch of L'Atelier Paris Haute Design’s ( Beverly Boulevard flagship has created a roar of approval from devotees of high design and culinary excellence. For more than a century L'Atelier Paris Haute Design has been celebrated for their envy worthy, professional ranges. Last year, CEO Ricardo Moraes relaunched the brand with a unique vision of combining L'Atelier Paris Haute Design's traditional French craftsmanship with cutting-edge design and technology. Over the last few months, L'Atelier Paris Haute Design has taken the U.S. market by storm with new showrooms in Miami, New York and in the heart of our very own design district.

The Beverly Boulevard flagship is a dynamic, loft-like space that showcases a stunning selection of L'Atelier Paris Haute Design's bespoke ranges and custom cabinetry. Among the breathtaking vignettes is a kitchen crafted in Le New York–style cabinetry in natural wire-brushed oak with polished-chrome trim, a spacious sink island with a Cote D'Azur–marble countertop that matches the kitchen's backsplash and an eye-popping La Provençal cooking range and hood in St. Tropez Blue. The second is a Le Classique–style stainless-steel kitchen in the firm’s signature Chalk finish with brushed-nickel trim. This kitchen comprises bottom cabinets with large drawers fitted with dividers, glass-front upper cabinets, a double refrigerator tower, a wine cooler, a cooking island with ovens, flush-mounted cooking elements and a streamlined sink. There is also an astonishing full-height custom bar unit in high-gloss lacquer with a walnut butcher-block top and a La Grande Cuisine professional-style cooking range in a rich Noir finish with burnished-brass trim and signature pot hanger that is truly a jewel in the crown.      

“Our L.A. showroom experience is designed to help clients envision a one-of-a-kind culinary space that integrates personalized customization with fine European craftsmanship,” Moraes shares. "There is no limit to our execution capabilities, so in our new Los Angeles space we are showing a sampling of different styles, materials, and finishes and a few configurations of our ranges, as well as vignettes that showcase both our superb handcrafted wood cabinets as well as the beauty of our powder-coated steel cabinetry."

All photos courtesy of L'Atelier Paris Haute Design

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