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Safe Adventure: San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear & The Rim of the World

Updated: May 8, 2020

When it's only April and it's too darn hot whatdayagonnado? Head to the hills... With that in mind, we took a drive out to Redlands yesterday (where the temperature was a balmy 100-degrees), which is the Easternmost access points to the San Bernardino National Forest ( This extraordinary park is composed of 154,000 total acres, 71,000 of which belongs to the National Forest and 83,000 to the Bureau of Land Management.

Route 38 is a gorgeous climb the includes Angelus Oaks, Constance Peak, Forsee Creek, the Santa Ana River, Cienega Seca Creek, Onyx Peak, and on and on... As we made our way above 8,000 feet the outside temperature gauge on my car kept dropping and by the time we hit Big Bear it was 73 degrees! We skirted along the north end of the lake and made a stop at Juniper Point, where there is a lovely walking/cycling trail that skirts the north end of the lake and offers amazing vistas of Sugarloaf's snowcapped peaks across Big Bear's calm blue (as well as good social distancing). We finished up the tour by taking The Rim of the World Highway thorough the Skyforest and Rimforest toward San Bernardino and the 210 West. One piece of advice, if you are driving watch the road and not the 50+ mile views south toward Lake Elsinore and Diamond Valley Lake.

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